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Running out of hard drive space? Need somewhere to backup all those really important files and can’t be bothered to buy a USB drive? In that case, you might want to think about being less lazy? But you may also be interested in a remote storage utility like 4Shared Desktop, which provides you with a free online storage account and the desktop sofware to manage it. 4Shared is already well known for their online storage and sharing accounts, so let’s take a look at just how well their desktop application keeps up.
The 10GB of space which your 4Shared account gives you is enough for even the most voracious hard-drive consumer, but uploading and downloading files through the web interface could be a drag - and God forbid if your browser or connection crashed, because all that time would be wasted. 4Shared Desktop, however, cuts down on the upload and download times significantly, and also gives you that much-needed ability to resume interrupted transfers from where they ended. The system works well under pressure, completing multiple uploads and downloads (both continuous and broken) without fail, with its interface and smooth running reminding us more of Windows’ file interface than what’s essentially a download managing program.
For advanced users, 4Shared has included detailed statistics and the capacity to upload multiple files at once (as long as your bandwidth can stomach it). Sometimes the interface can lag a little but on the whole connection and performance are strong; there aren’t many features to the program, but the pared-back approach works well here to keep the focus on clean and easy transfers. If you’ve got a 4Shared account, this program is a must - and if not, you might very well think about signing up for one of their free accounts as a secondary backup system.

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Reviewed by Mark Yeow
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